Tips for Choosing Simple Appliances

New appliances are a big investment, not only in terms of cost of purchase, but also in terms of use, maintenance, energy consumption, and upkeep. Many large appliances have a relatively long lifespan, so choosing the wrong one is both troublesome and expensive. Carefully selecting a few quality products that will last a lifetime is a better investment than buying an inferior product that will only last three to five years. Here are some basic features of appliances you should keep in mind.

Cooktops and ovens are a necessity in every home. Freestanding cooktops and shelf ovens are common. They are freestanding, sit on the floor, and are easy to adjust. Another variation is the slide-out stove, which is mounted flush with the lower cabinet and stands on top of it. Enamel is considered the best material for cookware because of its durability and resistance to heat, acid, stains and scratches. Its color will not fade or turn yellow with use. Electronic controls and timers are a good investment because they are more accurate and reliable than machine controls, and they also prevent overcooking and save energy.

Convection cooking is one of the most important features of an oven that reduces cooking time and saves energy. In a convection oven, a fan blows heated air over and around the food, increasing the rate at which the moisture evaporates. There are also combi-steamers, which allow you to select or combine cooking methods for faster results. Automatic self-cleaning is another feature designed for your convenience. The oven saves enough energy while cooking that it cleans itself without any extra effort.

Today, microwaves have become an integral part of most kitchens. In our fast-paced lives, the idea of eating meals by the minute is very appealing. However, microwaves are better suited for heating food rather than for complex cooking.

The refrigerator is another appliance that cannot be left out of the home. Many models now come with new features for comfort and energy efficiency. When planning to buy a new refrigerator, it is important to measure the available space. The newest models have three-sided refrigerators with three-sided doors to minimize the loss of cool air. For homes that need more refrigerator space, there are separate refrigerator and freezer compartments for communal use. Built-in refrigerators and freezers are designed to sit flush with surrounding cabinets. Custom panels can be installed on the doors to match the cabinets and create a cabinet atmosphere. Let’s take a look at some of the features of each model to enhance your comfort. Automatic defrosting systems, door dispensers, reversible doors and adjustable food storage controls are all designed to make your life easier.

More than half of all homes in the United States own a dishwasher. This takes up valuable work time, minimizes clutter in the kitchen, and can be more water-efficient than washing your hands. The technology also introduces a number of attractive options, including advanced controls, stainless steel interiors, water filtration systems, and even a built-in water softener. Today’s dishwashers use half the electricity and half the water than older models, so there’s no reason not to buy one for financial reasons.

Washing machines consume a lot of energy and water, so the key to choosing a washing machine is to buy an energy-efficient model that fits your lifestyle and space. A stainless steel bathtub is the best choice for those who clean frequently. Otherwise, you can go with porcelain-clad steel or high-quality plastic, which is less expensive but not durable. If your laundry includes different fabrics and different levels of stains, opt for a washer that offers special cycles such as gentle soak, extra soak and secondary rinse. Different water level settings will ensure the most efficient wash for different loads, helping you save detergent and energy. Top-loading washing machines are cheaper at first but less energy efficient in the long run, while front-loading washing machines are becoming increasingly popular for washing and drying because they save energy, water and time. Initially, so the high price of these machines is justified in the long run.